Pelitas case study

Brand Identity

User Experience



Clarify, strengthen and modernize the brand identity of DCS Global, a leader in the patient access industry.


Name & Tagline Clarity

Shifted from a vague and buzz-word-heavy identity tag to a clear, specific and sticky name and tagline. 

Branded elements highlight on the WHY for the company more than the jargon of the industry.


Marketing Refresh

New brand identity flowed through to entire marketing strategy. 

Focus on addressing client needs, developing a engaged userbase and creating a blog strategy to draw in like-minded industry leaders.

Resulted in 2019 Best In KLAS Patient Access Solution award.

Once revamped, PELITAS was named 2020 Best in KLASĀ® for Patient Access Technology


User Experience

Previous lack of clarity in the customer's needs led to confusion around the platform's features goals and made systems clunky. 

Restructuring the steps from the consumer's holistic viewpoint led to a more intuitive design and experience.

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